Alcohol / Drug Crimes

Alcohol Crimes

Most alcohol related crimes stem from underage drinking. Someone that is under the age of 21 can get in trouble for attempting to purchase alcohol, possessing alcohol, or having consumed alcohol. These crimes are much more common than you may think. Despite it being illegal, many teenagers will drink alcohol, and many of them will get caught doing so. It happens to a lot of good kids. At this point, if you or your child has received such a charge, it is important to handle it in a way that minimizes any impact on your future.

If convicted of possessing, consuming, or attempting to purchase alcohol, you will probably have to disclose it on job or school applications. Attempting to purchase alcohol with a fake ID may even revoke your license. However, if we are able to get the charge dismissed, through trial or a deferral agreement, you will not have to treat it as a conviction. We may even be able to have the charge expunged from your record. While you may have done what the officer says and the State may have a great case against you, it could still be possible to get a dismissal through a Deferral Agreement. If you or your child is facing an alcohol charge, contact us right away so we can discuss the best way to handle the case.

Drug crimes

Crimes involving illegal drugs range from low-level misdemeanors for possession of small amounts of marijuana, all the way to serious felonies that carry long jail terms and large fines. Depending on your record and what charge you are facing, it may be possible to enter into a deferral agreement. For more serious cases, a deferral agreement may not be possible, but a good result still is. To discuss your case and how we may be able to handle it, contact us today.