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Mediation / Collaborative Law

If you are going through a divorce, but feel anxious and intimidated by the court system, there are other options available to you. Instead of standard courtroom litigation, many couples are resolving family law disputes through mediated settlement conferences, and other alternative dispute resolution methods. This can not only save you time and money, but can also act to encourage a peaceful resolution of domestic issues between spouses. While we are always prepared to defend your case in court, we understand that every situation is unique and that not all family law matters are best handled in the courtroom.

Why mediation?

Resolving issues such as child custody, alimony and spousal support, child support, and asset and debt division can be time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining for everyone involved.  There are often significant advantages to choosing mediation as an alternative to the trial process.  By settling your issues in mediation, you can avoid costly litigation, saving money on attorney’s fees, as well as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and court reporter fees.  Another advantage to mediation, is the flexibility to resolve the case on your schedule, not the courthouse schedule.  Family law courtrooms are often over-crowded and over-booked, causing frustrating delays and prolonging your case.  Mediation allows you to resolve your case without lengthy delays and time-consuming court hearings, so that you can begin the process of moving forward after a marital separation.

There are also many advantages to mediation that cannot be measured in dollars and hours.  Reaching an amicable resolution through mediation will allow you and your spouse to avoid the animosity that is often present during litigation.  This is especially important when children are involved, as you will still need to effectively communicate with your ex-spouse even after the divorce is final.

If you want to learn more about mediation and the alternatives to the court process, contact Mahlum Law Office.