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In North Carolina, marriage is regarded as a partnership. Often times, only one spouse is responsible for the majority of the financial support for the family, while the other spouse takes care of the home full time. Or maybe one spouse has a condition or disability that prevents them from earning a consistent, substantial salary. When couples like this go through a marital separation, a “dependent spouse” may be eligible for spousal support. Whether you are in need of alimony, or are being confronted with a spouse who is requesting an unreasonable amount of support, we will evaluate your case and develop a strong strategy to handle your legal issues.

What is Post Separation Support?

Post Separation Support is a type of temporary alimony.  If awarded by the courts, post separation support is usually paid until the court makes a ruling on an alimony claim.

How much Alimony will I receive?

An award of alimony is specific to each situation, and there is no “generic” formula.  While many other factors may influence the amount of alimony that you will receive, you can formulate a rough estimate by looking at your monthly income, and then considering your monthly outgoing expenses.  Your spouse’s income and monthly expenses may also play a role in the calculation of alimony.  Alimony is a very complicated issue surrounding a separation, and it is important to discuss your individual circumstances with an attorney.

What if my spouse cheated on me?

Many types of marital misconduct, not just extramarital affairs, can affect an award of alimony, and can also play a role in the amount and duration of such award.  Marital misconduct includes abandonment, cruel treatment, drug/alcohol problems, and verbal/physical abuse.  Specifically, extramarital affairs may give rise to other types of legal claims, like Alienation of Affection or Criminal Conversation.  Each situation is unique, and an attorney can help you decide how to proceed, based on your specific case.