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DWI/Traffic Offenses

DWI/Traffic Offenses

While traffic tickets may seem simple to handle, they can lead to serious consequences.  You may not realize that simply paying for your ticket is the same as pleading guilty.  A conviction for a traffic violation can result in dramatic insurance increases, costly fines, and possibly even loss of your driving privileges.

 With minor offenses, the court provides an opportunity to just send a payment into the court.  At Mahlum Law Office, we do not recommend you do this.  While sending in the payment may seem convenient it could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run and even potentially cause a loss of your license.  In many cases Mahlum Law Office can waive your appearance in court, which will save you from having to take off of work or miss school.

At Mahlum Law Office, we can often resolve this matter in a way that will avoid costly increases in your insurance premium.  Hiring an attorney in this matter can save you potentially thousands of dollars in insurance fees over the next several years and give you the peace of mind that this matter is resolved correctly.


“Can’t I just go to court and ask for a PJC?”  The use of a prayer for judgment or a PJC is a common misconception.  A PJC can be a great tool to use to avoid an increase in insurance premiums, but on the other hand if this tool is used incorrectly it can cause disastrous consequences to your insurance.  There are times when the North Carolina DMV will not even recognize a PJC.  At Mahlum Law Office, we have the knowledge of when a PJC should be used and when the PJC should be avoided.