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Sex Offenses

Sex Offenses

Charges of sexual offenses have a devastating effect on the accused. If you are under suspicion for, or have been charged with, Rape, Indecent Liberties or any other sexual offense, your relationships with family, friends, neighbors and your employer are at risk. If convicted, you may have to register on the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry and may be prohibited from living and working where you want. It is extremely important that as soon as you realize you are the target of an investigation, you hire a lawyer with the proper experience to protect your rights.

Sexual Offenses Include:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Rape (including “Date Rape”)
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Indecent Liberties
  • Statutory Rape, Sex with a Minor, Sexual Contact with a Person under 16 Years of Age
  • Crime against Nature
  • Soliciting a Crime against Nature


Removal From the Sex Offender Registry:

In some cases, you can ask to be removed from the Registry after ten years, but you only have one opportunity every year. If you are denied, you must then wait one year after the denial by the judge.

Removing your name from the Sex Offender Registry is a complicated and highly technical process. At Mahlum Law Office, we will file a Removal from the Sex Offender Registry Petition in Superior Court. We will work to prove good conduct with letters of reference and testimony on your behalf. We will advocate for your removal from the Registry in a hearing before a judge.

The ultimate decision is entirely up to the discretion of the judge in your case. The judge may (but does not have to) grant the request if you show a good record, are not a threat to public safety and that you have met the statutory requirements. The District Attorney may oppose your application and their recommendation carries some weight.  Mahlum Law Office will work to gather all the documents to provide a solid argument that you are no longer a threat and may be removed from the Sex Offender Registry.