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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Criminal Charges of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Charges can have a severe impact on your life, even before you appear in court.  You will likely be arrested when charged and may be held for 48 hours before even being allowed to post a bond. If you do post a bond, more often than not, a condition of your release is to have no contact with the accuser.  This applies even if  you live together or have kids together.  Because it is a condition of pre-trial release, these conditions remain in affect until a Judge modifies them, and a violation of the condition can cause you to wind up right back in jail, no questions asked.  Even if the accuser is the one who contacts you, you are the one who can get in trouble.  All these issues arise simply from being charged.

A conviction of a crime related to domestic violence carries serious consequences.  Court-ordered abuser treatment classes are the norm.  Being ordered to have no contact with the victim and being forced out of your residence are all potential consequences, as is jail time.  If you are charged with a domestic violence crime, please contact us today to discuss what your options are, how we can fight your domestic violence charge, and how you can get on with your life

Domestic Violence Protective Orders (50B Orders)

To learn more about DVPO’s, or “50B Orders,” please refer to the Domestic Violence section of our Family Law website.